Saturday, January 19, 2013

Is The Doll World Ready For a Little Discipline?

"Kit Kat", Mdvanii doll and Dheei, 1998
Granite stone base with gold "Mdvanii PARIS" engraving
"Temples of Fusion", three panel painting set by BillyBoy*, 2005

"Alluring, provocative and yet incredibly stylish, these sculptures with a lifestyle are truly works of art. They cannot be compared with ANYTHING that exists in the world today. Mdvanii says “Retro is out!!!”. One more time, she imposes herself as a trendsetter. Can you adjust to the new chic of the 21st century? But of course you can...!"

In 1998 was completed the collection named "Is the Doll World Ready for a Little Discipline?", transfiguring Mdvanii, Dheei and Soraya in daring, confrontational futuristic visions. The idea of dressing Mdvanii in a re-vamped S&M gear called "Discipline" came as early as 1996, as BillyBoy*'s reaction to the massive recuperation of the "Haute Couture" theme for a new generation of commercially-made fashion dolls in the USA, which was vastly promoted and raved about by doll magazines, notably the "make over" fad. "I have created a monster!!!" was BillyBoy*'s response when he became aware of this phenomena. 

“1940s and 50s retro kitch is just toooo boring and totally, totally out!”. This is the message that Mdvanii and her friends are passing on to you with this new Printemps-été 2000 Collection. Absolutely sensational, this collection of 11 one-of-a-kind sculptures with a lifestyle features avant-garde fashion tendancies never seen on dolls before.

Presented on porcelain Mdvanii, Dheei and Soraya, its inspiration ranges from Constructivist paintings of the early 20th-century, Belle- Epoque fetishist literature, German Expressionist films of the 1920s (Louise Brooks’ and Pabst’s work comes to mind) with the latest, most daring Parisian Haute Couture trends. 

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