Sunday, February 18, 2018

BillyBoy* Mdvanii Doll "Kiss my Butt...On" prototype 2005

BillyBoy* Mdvanii Doll "Kiss my Butt-On" prototype 2005

Mdvanii Doll OOAK prototype 2005 signed by the artist. Sold with estimated 4500-5000€ at the 2008 Photographies, Erotica, Underground show at auction house Robert, Paris.

The Cyber Sexual and Liquid Screen artwork was a very daring, innovative and ahead of its time. At the same time it resembled the 1930's cubists paintings. Eerie, athmospheric, dark and mysterious. Mythical sex warrior queen like Mdvanii doll wondering in a empty city of abandoned buildings..very apocalyptic, end of the world, future and now, with nuclear war lurking upon us.

Mdvanii Doll was made of delicate papier mâché (this prototype is matte finished variation) and her height was 33cm. She had ancient goddess like bare breasts, fierce red high platform heels with braided leather decoration and button red bow bottom. Her white lace ankle socks are very "Like A Wurgin" Vivienne Westwood eat your heart out. She had an electric blue vail, huge black see thru cloak and a surreal Schiaparelli Telephone hand-bag (unique for this particular doll). All her make up had names like "Bi and Large" -lipstick, "Feigned Nonchalance" - eyeshadow, "Make it Hurt" - nails. Her beehive was called "Shamelessly Priviliged".

Snake Goddess; from the Palace at Knossos (Crete); c. 1600 BC; Faience; Height 13 1/2";

Very Italian looking Mdvanii Doll

Signed By the Artists BillyBoy* and Lala 2005

Mdvanii Doll, mysterious and fierce

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Rhogit-Rhogit, Zhdrick & Tiimky, The Male Dolls

"Milk Boy" Rhogit-Rhogit sculpture, 2006

"Tough and Beautiful. So tough they’ll break your heart! Yet so handsome, so intelligent, and so spiritual, you, like Mdvanii, won’t be able to resist them. Rhogit-Rhogit and Zhdrick, his close buddy, are the two men in Mdvanii’s life" (Rhogit-Rhogit and Zhdrick's Catalogue,1992)



"Milk Boy" artwork as featured in Sang Bleu magazine, photo FT.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Surreal Bijoux GAMBETTES collier 1988 inspired by Schiaparelli

Surreal Bijoux GAMBETTES collier 1988 inspired by a 1940's creation of Schiaparelli

Silver version was sold already in 2008 in prestigious Paris auction house Drouot with over 1000 euros:

This is more rare variation in gold color metal and Schiaparelli's "Shocking Pink" color.

Knit necklace with hanging gold color gilded metal stockings/legs in true Dalian Surrealism

gilded gold color SURREAL stockings/legs

BillyBoy* PARIS Surreal Bijoux hand vowen tag

variation, collection privée

variation, collection privée

variation, collection privée

Friday, June 13, 2014

"Voyage a Venice - Hommage Peggy Guggenheim", ZIBBI

"Voyage a Venice - Hommage Peggy Guggenheim circa 1916", ZIBBI Mdvanii, BillyBoy* and Lala 1995

ZIBBI bouduar dolls were inspired by the works of Wiener Werkstätte during early 1900 and Art Deco. All of their clothes are made of vintage couture fabrics.

ZIBBI exhibition poster and rattan box for the doll

ZIBBI logo, Chinese ink, Lala.

Photo c Sumiko Wananabe and FT