Monday, September 6, 2010

Délice et Orgues

"Delices et Orgues", Mdvanii haute couture, 
prototype and one-of-a-kind, 1989

For dancing after a dinner party at a chic casino or nightclub, Mdvanii wears "Delices et Orgues" a one-of-a-kind creation of great rarity and beauty. Rumba and cocktails and glittery Parisian nightclub atmosphere is what this gown calls for.

In teal blue jersey, this classic fishtail gown is entirely draped by hand in the atelier, based upon her famous "Sortilege" creation featured in her first catalogue. Unliked the "Sortilege" model which is strictly constructed, this has soft pleats, 1940s-esque draped and padded shoulders, draped décollété in the back and has delicately hand-appliquéd black lace down the bodice and ruched black lace at the three-quarter length sleeves.

A mist of very fine grey tulle creates the voluptuous fishtail effect of the flounce and it has a sumptuous array of hand-done beadwork into the tulle….and infact, the entire gown is lavishly hand-embroidered in jet, blue and gold beadwork. The neckline has a shoulder-exposed effect, smothered in beads as well.

The "Shocking Pink" gloves have hand done gold beadwork to match. This evening ensemble has a sober clutch of matching jersey and the turban is the piéce-de-résistance, a draped high affair reminescent of the 1940s Paris.

Matching jet and gold necklace choker and divine filigrée earrings, closed toe pump shoes to match.

Kuvat FT

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